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Site Condition: Costs associated with filming at the courthouse (as of 4/2022): • $60 an hour for lights and air conditioning • $27 an hour for one level -I guard-This fee will be determined and/or required based upon the number of participants • $29 an hour for one screener-This fee will be determined and/or required based upon the number of participants • $40 an hour for one Building Management staff • $25 an hour for one janitor • One MDPD officer 69.25 per hour

Usage Restriction: Filming must be coordinated with judges calendars. No filming is allowed in the lobby. ***The Dade County Courthouse is only available after hours or on weekends*** FEES: $60.00/hr for interiors - facility usage fee. $25.00/hr per security officer. $60.00/hr for a mechanic (Electrician).

Location Details

Dade County Courthouse

United States / Miami, Florida
Location ID: #10000019
For many years the Dade County Courthouse, at an elevation of 360 feet, was reputed to be the tallest building south of Baltimore. It was the County's first high-rise and is in the National Register of Historic Places. Efforts to refurbish this magnificent structure and restore it to its original grandeur have been underway since 1981.
Today, the Dade County Courthouse, provides offices, chambers and courtrooms for the clerks and judiciary assigned to the Circuit and County Civil Court and the Family Court. The Courthouse, once the hope for a grand future, now simply stands as a memory of a grand and hopeful past.

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